Kenyan twins only identified as Chiweru Lexy Emilia Official and Duhh.itzz.lexy made headlines for the better part of Saturday, January 9 after revealing that they fell in love with each other and even held a wedding.

According to the two, they vowed to stick by each other despite being disowned by their own parents after refusing to let go each other.

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The twins noted that upon discovering of their actions, their parents disowned them forcing them to leave their home and start life elsewhere.

As if that was not enough, they went ahead and officiated their union in a wedding which no one attended.

The twins were later blessed with a bouncing baby girl.


In a TikTok video they shared, they revealed that they have had a strong bond since childhood and they engaged in a romantic relationship as they grew up.


Dorah Khalayi: It may be the only true love thriving in Kenya all the best if they happy

Steve Ngari: A christian shouldnt have a problem with this. These are biblical procedures being repeated

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Nnamdi Edwin: Don’t judge them.You pharisees,some of you are hallots and fornicators so don’t cast a stone on sombody who sins differently

Kelvin Macharia: People out here saying as long as they are happy… Interbreeding is I fact dangerous they selfish and their children will probably end up mad or die very young

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