Jacque Maribe dismiss claims that she dumped Jowie while he was in jail

Media personality Jacque Maribe has finally addressed his relationship with ex-lover Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie.

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Speaking during a recent interview with True Love Magazine, Maribe revealed that they met at work and slowly grew into love.

She further showed him with praises saying that he was genuinely a nice man.

“We met with Jowie while on the job. Actually, some of my friends knew. We got engaged. He was very nice, he genuinely was,” said Maribe.

The mother of one also said that she felt that their proposal was rushed as they had only dated for a year.


“I will never come out and say anything to the contrary. He was very nice to me. I think this is why it is really important to first learn somebody before you rush into something like this because I do believe it was rushed,” she added.

However, Maribe said that at the time of the proposal, she was ready to settle with Jowie, adding that he was a cool guy and never pressured her.

“I had gotten to a point in my life, I was like, you know what? People get engaged after six months. I thought at the time I was ready. He was not a guy who gave me too much pressure because I used to work a lot,” Maribe said.

According to the former Citizen TV news anchor, she jad finally found someone who understands her.

“I had found someone who finally understands the kind of woman who is passionate about her career hours and being a mother and you have a partner who understands that because it is very hard for us ladies to get an understanding partner. That is why people marry within the industry,” she added.

Maribe also dismissed claims that they broke up while he was in jail, saying that they ended their relationship before they were arrested in businesswoman Monica Kimani’s murder probe.

“I want to correct the fact that he said we broke up while he was still in jail. We had broken up. Let us be honest. We had broken up before the arrest,” she said.

On why she does not like talking about Jowie, Maribe said;

“This man was that person for me, The one you feel like if I ever had any regrets, this is it. I do not believe in regrets but if regret was a person, that would be it.

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“I do not like talking about him because when you tell your truth people will judge you… Now I see he has moved on and people will be like why talk about him.”

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