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Faith and grit: Disabled Kenyan woman movingly narrates her pregnancy journey till birth

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Latest News | 0 comments

Linah Otieno’s story illuminates grit and positivity. From getting a loving husband, carrying a pregnancy to full term and eventually giving birth, her story tells of heights one can scale by maintaining a positive mindset.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Otieno who is disabled narrated about her reaction when she discovered she was pregnant and being the first time, she wondered if she will walk through the pregnancy journey like any other woman.

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“The day I was tested that I’m pregnant I had a mixture of feelings happy and at the same time worried how will I look like and if I’ll be able to carry on like any other woman in the society,” reads part of her narration.

However, she says, she turned to prayers and continued with her day-to-day activities. Describing the pregnancy as a testimony in her life, the joyous mother thanked God for not experiencing complications despite sitting for long hours due to her condition.

“I didn’t know how long I’ll be going to be strong…trust me God works in His own ways…I don’t understand where I got the strength and courage to go on  with my normal duties till the last day of my delivery…going to work with public means sitting for long hours and still God never allowed any complications to take place even a single day…every step in my life is a testimony,” she said.

But even with nagging questions about the pregnancy and delivery that tested his faith, Otieno kept going and eventually held her bundle of joy.

She encouraged other people to believe in God to meet their desires just as He had done for her.

“God made it for me as I desired….and so he will for you it’s a matter of asking him n it shall be done for you,” she recapitulated.

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Here’s Otieno’s amazing story:

Marriage is a journey n when I started I never knew I'll be a mum soon… something that never clicked my mind or even…

Posted by Princess Linah Otieno on Wednesday, 8 April 2020


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