Drama ensued at a restaurant in Nigeria after a cheating husband was caught red handed by his wife.

In a video widely shared on social media, the bitter wife confronted the ‘side chick’ who later pushed her into the swimming pool.

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It is notable that the wife has been having trust issues with the husband, and decided to follow him to ‘feed’ her curiosity.

The wife turned up at the restaurant where she found her husband and the side chick having some good time and demand the husband to explain what was happening.

The angry wife appeared to hear none of her husband’s lies and in no time a heated confrontation ensued resulting to a serious fight involving the three.


All this time, the three were standing as the two women quarrel with loud voices.

As the women were engaging in some push and pull, the man was busy trying to calm his wife.

The fury wife could not buy any of her husband’s as she only demanded for an explanation.

The side chick who appeared to be calm tried to vanish into thin air while the couples were arguing.

As she was planning on her escape, the wife got hold of her and dropped many questions at once.

The two women engaged each other in a heated confrontation that saw the side chick push the wife into the swimming pool.

The husband found it unneccessary and asked the side chick why she did that.

She said she could not continue getting scolded by the woman as all she wanted was to leave.

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