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Daughter praises mom while in cute dance with her

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Fun | 0 comments

A popular TikTok creator Sarah Onomiwo has impressed netizens after sharing a video enjoying good music and dance with her parents.

In the well mastered and edited voice-over video, the lady hyped her as she showered her with praises.

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According to Sarah, her mother is a wife material who has great physique, and most importantly is beautiful.

The parents enjoyed the music and danced their best. Her father could be seen taking her wife for dance spin.

Netizens were wowed by the family and how they work as a team in harmony and happiness.

The video has so far amassed over 300000 views and over 2,000 comments.

@yetundebakare: “See me blushing, so adorable.”

@dammyykoko: “This is funny, God bless the family.”

@milli.wanda : “I just envy a lot of people.”

@ash_le_yyyy: “My parents are too serious.”

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@michael_chris74: “I swear my father will never ever try this.”

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