Gorgeous Akorino fashion model and make-up artiste Careh Priscilla has revealed that she hopes to get married before clocking 30-years-old if all goes well.

According to a report by Nairobi News, Careh said she is yet to get her perfect match as most men seem to fear approaching.

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“If I am to be honest, I’m at a point in my life where I need to settle down. I don’t want to get to my 30th birthday without having ticked this box.

“I’m yet to find my perfect match. Not so many men approach me more so the Akorinos. Maybe they feel intimidated by me,” she said.

The model said that men who have approached are not born again and do not meet qualities of her dream husband.

“You have to be a born-again Christian that’s all I need, doesn’t matter what’s your denomination. Problem is that most guys who bug me aren’t really born again,” Careh said.

She added that very few born-again Christians who have approached are ready to get into a long-term commitment.

Careh went on to explained that in her church, once a man has shown interest in a woman, the woman is supposed to notify the church immediately before having anything intimate.


“You see in our church for the ladies it’s all about preserving our purity. We are not allowed to date and this is what most men want. Once a man shows interest in you, and you like him, you have to notify the church immediately,” she said.

If the church approves the relationship, Careh said the couple will enter a courtship before getting married once the courtship is over.

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“Then you guys enter in a courtship that has to last not beyond six months and you are not allowed to have sex. During this time, you get to meet each other’s family and dowry is paid. Once the courtship period is done, you wed,” she explained.

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