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Brenda Jons opens up on being sexually assaulted by man she met in church

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Media personality and comedianne Brenda Jons better known for her sloga Plesident Kingston has narrated how she got raped by a man she met in church.

While speaking via a YouTube video published on her channel, Brenda disclosed that the ordeal happened in 2020.

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He said that a good looking man approached her while in church and opened up to her that he had divorced with his wife who they sired three kids together.

One day I left the service and our church used to serve tea and mandazis. Just as I was walking outside towards the pool area, some guy says hi to me, he was good-looking and fine.”

He told me he is a divorcee and has three kids. We talked and liked each other.

The man later reached out to her and asked for her phone number and revealed that wanted to court her.

The actress further revealed that after he made his intentions clear he start visiting her at her house and even sometimes unannounced.

“He started bringing me dinner at my place, at the gate. There were a lot of red flags because this guy never showed me where his house was,” Jons added.

She disclosed that she kept allowing him in until one day when he asked for sexual advances and when rejected he raped her.

The funny woman further disclosed that that was not her first rape ordeal as she had been raped previously by two other men she met in church.

He puts the beer on the table and pushes me on the seat. I told him to stop it, but he couldn’t listen. I pushed him away and ran to the bedroom, before I locked the door, he was there. He raped me as I begged him to stop,” She sadly explained.

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I was asking God, Why? It was the third time someone from the church is doing this to me. I told him, he will remember the day his daughter will be raped. He stopped. Immediately I took a razor and started cutting my hands.” she concluded.

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