At some point, many people conceive great ideas whose implementation requires funds.

Or better still, they may start off a project but at some point may need a capital boost to grow their business or project.

On a fair scale, there’s enough money in the world to fund worthwhile projects and causes.

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However, these monies are in the hands of people-philanthropists-who you must convince before they can fund your idea.

Billionaires are not struggling people and unlike the middle class who are sold to ostentatious living, the former group is concerned about how they can impact the world positively.


And impacting the world positively is all about solving problems in healthcare, problems in unemployment and generally bettering humanity.

In short, wealthy philanthropists want to fund projects that will have the biggest impact on the human race.

So what should you know before approaching a billionaire to fund your project?

According to billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, people with enough money to give some away will undoubtedly be drawn to funding altruistic causes but never a personal lifestyle.

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In an interview with Daily Show host, Trevor Noah in September 2017, Gates revealed the reason he’s able to get billionaires to support Bill Gates Foundation is that they know they are not funding his personal lifestyle.

Gates explained that he asks for money on behalf of his charity, not to fund his personal lifestyle:

“They’re not giving it to me.”

He further clarified the secret to fundraising from billionaires depends on how clearly they are able to see the cause they are funding as opposed to personal pursuits.

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According to Gates, his friend Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and other monied philanthropists support causes championed by Bill Gates Foundation because they know he is not out to fund his personal lifestyle.

“When you have that degree of success you’re not really talking about personal deprivation,” said Gates.

Gates recently announced his foundation will fund the construction of factories that will manufacture seven promising coronavirus vaccines.


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Koriema Safi