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BBI anti-crusaders behaving like witches- Governor Kingi

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Counties | 0 comments

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has castigated Coast political leaders who continue to criticise the Building Bridges Initiative.

Kingi who spoke on Wednesday, March 4 likened the leaders to witches who don’t see good in anything and instead find fault.

The county boss said that the BBI is supposed to liberate coast people from the chains of marginalization but some leaders were only dwelling on the fact that it will create positions for some individuals.

“They do not talk about the shared prosperity where all counties will develop at almost the same rate. They will only talk about the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister positions. That is the behavior of a witch,” said Kingi.

He said that the BBI is the third opportunity offered to the Coast region to realize the dream of having a regional government.

He said the first opportunity was when the coastal Kingpin Ronald Ngala flew to the Lancaster House Conference in the UK in 1960 to fight for regional governments so that the coastal region could govern itself and manage its resources.

” Although we did not get what Ngala really wanted, it was a good start. the second opportunity was in 2010 when we changed the constitution. But then we argued that we would lose completely if we don’t accept what was offered,” he said.

He said that regional governments being pushed by the 6 governors from the region would benefit the coastal region and urged residents not listen to leaders against the BBI.

“If we follow madmen in our market we will remain poor and underdeveloped,” he stated.

He denied claims that he was pushing for BBI to remain in power stating that it’s a ploy used by enemies of the report.

” That’s what they say. They say that the BBI is for Kingi and Raila. The BBI is for the whole country,” he said.

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