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Baringo residents in shock after python visits its owner’s grave

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Counties | 0 comments

Residents of Kampi ya Samaki village in Baringo County were shocked after after a huge snake slithered in to the house of of its owner, William Ewoi who died and buried on Thursday,July 8.

According to reports, the snake made trips at the house and grave of its master two day after the burial.

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The snake did not even escape after big numbers of the villagers arrived to witness the unusual incident.

It is speculated that the snake was paying him last respect and appreciation for the good care he offered to it.

While speaking to journalists, the family of Ewoi said that they are happy about the visit as it symbolizes good luck.

His son, Vincent Ewoi also expressed his happiness by noting that they father had returned home through the snake.

The son further disclosed that their father had hinted to them about the snake appearance after he passes on.

He also trashed claims that his father was a witch stating that he always capture the snakes, milk out their venom and showcase them to tourists.

“This is not witchcraft at all because as a family, snakes have been our main source of livelihood. Our father used to trade in them and trained us to feed and domesticate snakes,” said Vincent.

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Ewoi was recognized and honoured by the National Museums of Kenya describing him as a gifted collector of reptiles.

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