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Babu Owino irked after Twitter verified fake account bearing his name

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has distanced himself from a parody Twitter account bearing his name which recently got verified.

The pseudo account has only 39k followers while Babu’s real account has over 177k followers and is yet to get verified.

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After receiving the blue mark check, the owner of the parody account changed the account name an Babu Owino’s profile photo and added sarcastic bio.

Babu later in the day released a video urging his followers to keep off from the account as he is not associated with it in any manner.

Parody account with Babu Owino’s name verified on Twitter. Photo courtesy

According to the MP, the move is a scheme by the culprit to spoil his good name.

“I would like to make a clarification on my Twitter account. My official Twitter account is @HEBabuOwino. Twitter has made a great mistake to verify a fake account under my account under my name called @Babu Owino1 or @HEBabuOwino_. Those are fake accounts and I will like to distance myself from it. Any other information that Kenyans will get from that account @HEBabuOwino_ is fake account which has been verified by Twitter.” Babu

He further accused the perpetrator of maliciously forging his Identification Card (ID) and seeked for the verification.

“This means the scammers went ahead forged my ID and used it for verification of the same account, so ignore” Babu Owino said.

Babu insisted that netizens should not associated with the account t avoid being conned.

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“Fellow Kenyans please IGNORE the FAKE ACCOUNT verified by TWITTER under the name @Babu Owino1 or @HEBabuOwino_ The perpetrators want to soil my otherwise good name. My OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT is @HEBabuOwino without UNDERSCORE,” said Babu Owino.

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