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Angry woman exposes salon that sold her fake ‘horse hair’

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Fun | 0 comments

A woman identified as Lacy Price recently slammed a saloonist for selling her fake hair extension which she expected to have been made from from both horse hair and synthetic hair.

However, the salon from where she bought the hair responded to her accusations vehemently distancing from the claims stating that they only sell authentic human hair.

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They further explained that 27-year-old Lacy was given an extension made from real Russian hair.

Lacy has bashed the salon earlier this month and was furious saying she was conned.

According to Lacy, she realized the extension was fake when it dried up and became itchy and even some parts fall off leaving her with unpleasing baldness.

I usually do my extensions myself but I wanted to treat myself and I had heard of this salon because they’re very local to me. I had booked in for a full head of hair extensions and after they put them in, it felt fine but until you wash it, you don’t know what the hair is going to look like. After two washes, I started contacting the hair salon to say my hair has gone like straw and is in bad condition – I was ignored. I sent eight emails and didn’t get one response. It’s definitely not human hair – she advertised it as Russian virgin hair but I think it could be horse hair because it doesn’t even brush through.” Price said.

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Social media users who reacted to her revelation took sides with her noting that the hair was fake and not human hair as the salon alleged.


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