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Zambian gospel singer prays for Kenyan woman who trolled her online

A Zambian gospel singer conducted prayers for a Kenyan woman who reportedly trolled her on social media.

According to the singer, Racheal Ada, said the Kenyan woman insulted her on several occasions when she broadcasted her songs or preach on social media.

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Through her Facebook page, Ada said Rose Wachio’s words bothered her to the point that she was forced to talk about it.

“I called her and I tried to speak to her nicely but she started to laugh at me and to mock me. Women who are like Rose Wachio, why do they like to tear other women down?” She posed.

She noted that it is normal for black women to troll and drag each other down.

Then singer, however, said that she has forgiven her, shortly before praying for her.

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“I forgave her when she insulted my innocent child, and today she also insulted me, but this is what I do, I do praise, I cry to my God, and that is what we are about to do,” she said on her live Facebook video.

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