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Woman who gave birth outside Pumwani Hospital recalls fateful day

On Saturday evening, a video showing one Jackline giving birth outside Pumwani Hospital went viral on social media elicited fury reactions from Kenyans.

Kenyans online condemned the hospital for denying her access even as she was undergoing intense labour at the time.

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According to the woman, she wishes to forget the painful experience even though she says it will take time or even never.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Jackline said it was inappropriate for the hospital to deny her access forcing her to give birth in front of total strangers.

“When we arrived in Pumwani, the guards refused to open saying the doctors were on strike. I was in so much labour and I could not move. After 10 minutes, I pleaded with them again to allow me in but they still refused and the baby started coming out,” the mother of three said.

Jackline added that it was disheartening to see other patients allowed to access the facility while the guards vehemently denied her entrance and her case was an emergency.

It was painful, on the road in front of everyone,” She said.

The mother of three said that she had a tough time trying to cover herself from the crowd and also trying to protect the baby from hitting the pavement.

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She added that she cared about her baby’s health condition and prayed that she will be delivered safely.

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