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Woman Tells on Friend Who Invited Her Over For Dinner, Only To Charge Her KSh 2K

Picture this, your friend willingly invites you for dinner at his or her place and they lay out a big spread. 

However, after enjoying the meal, you are charged for the food you ate before being allowed to leave. It seems weird right? 

This is what happened to The Brighter Side podcast host Amber Nelson when her friend invited her for a casual dinner and went ahead to bill her for the homecooked meal

Taking to Twitter, the American woman said her friend served her penne alla vodka, a pasta dish made with vodka and penne pasta, usually made with heavy cream, crushed tomatoes, onions, and sometimes sausage, pancetta or peas.

After eating a couple of servings, Amber said she was surprised when her friend slapped her with a 20 $ (KSh 2,000) bill.

“Got invited to someone’s place for dinner and they charged me for it….this is weird, right? This makes me not want to accept offerings in the future,” she tweeted.

penne alla vodka. PHOTO | COURTESY

The entertainer said she paid the bill and has not spoken to the friend since then.

Amber’s bizarre experience elicited varied reactions with tweeps sharing similar experiences. 

@ItsPronotRetail said: “I once got invited to dinner at a friends back jn high school and his mom served me food completely different than everyone else. She told me I had to earn my food in her house. When dessert time came around my friend asked me to go home so they could eat it.”

@EmTheVan said: “As someone who host often I usually ask for people to chip in what they can to help me cover costs if they enjoyed the food. I would never stop someone from eating no matter though. I invite my friends I like to hang out with and they pay what they want to make it happen more.”

@SaurabhD82 questioned: Friend invited us to his b’day party at at a restaurant and had to pay for our food and drinks. Is that how Americans celebrate their birthdays?”

@welshtweetypie said:  “This is absolutely not a European thing. I’m European and have never even heard of it. If you’re invited as a guest, you don’t take/pay shit unless pre-arranged.”

@Itslaureniguess said: If you invite me to your house, offer me food, and then demand I pay you for it, I’m keying your car on the way out.”

@maggies0023 said: “Invited to an outdoor party at a work colleague’s house. Got there they came around asking for $5 a person. If you didn’t pay you couldn’t use the bathroom.”

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