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Woman jailed for reading husband’s phone messages without permission

A woman from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was arrested for

for reading her husband’s phone messages without his permission.

According to the husband, her wife suspected that he was cheating on her and it was when she decided to access his phone and copied all pictures and chats to her smartphone.

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The husband was not okay with the wife’s behaviour and sued her for breach of privacy and the wife got prosecuted under the UAE’s cybercrime laws.

The woman appeared before Ras Al Khaimah Court and accepted all charges against her.

The woman, however, defended herself blaming her husband of nine years for cheating on her with a woman he used to chat with everytime.

Her lawyer Eman Sabt, told the court that his client had no intentions of harming her husband or anyone else.

The wife revealed that her husband had given her his phone’s password and allowed her to go through the phone after she caught him chatting with random women.

The court found the woman guilty and was sentenced to three months in jail or a fine of USD 41,000 (KSh4,379,210). The court also ordered that the woman should be deported from UAE.

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The court stated that she had violated very UAE strict privacy laws that forbid anyone from secretly going through other people’s mobile phones or computers.

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