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Woman details how company overworked husband to death, snubbed his funeral

A grieving widow recently penned an emotional story detailing how her husband died as a result of excess pressure from hos workplace.

Through her Facebook page, Irum Davis disclosed that her husband Andrew Davis had been jobless for a while and when he finally bagged a job he was forced to work six hours extra.

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She added that following his death, the company relentlessly called her to return a laptop her departed husband had been using, adding that no one in the company came to his funeral.

“I still remember he worked six hours extra and we had arguments because he came late everyday… His office called me 1000 times a week after his death for a laptop he had, but they never asked if I or my kids needed anything,” said Irum.

The mother of two further noted the need to value family, noting that no one in the corporate world really cares.

“I lost my whole world. May God give us the sense to realize our family is our only asset, otherwise no one else cares whether you are alive or dead,” she wrote.


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Madhusudan Jhunjhunwala: You are not alone in this. There are many who have had an experience like yours. But the world is also full of Khalids and many more like him

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Prakash Patel: So so sad to read! But yes, the corporate world can in some cases show no empathy, remorse or humanity! Your story is real in that your family is your world

Darryl Wolhuter: Sorry for your loss . It is not only in the corporate world but it is worse in the police. After I was shot, nobody came to see me or visit me. The police only arrived to collect my firearm and bullet proof vest covered in blood until I returned back to active duty

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