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Woman Calls Off Wedding 3 Days to D-Day, Cites Domestic Violence

A Nigerian woman has caused a stir on social media after canceling her wedding indefinitely. 

Through her Facebook page, Michael Ozioma Helen announced that she canceled her planned wedding three days to the occasion. 

In the post, the woman shared a wedding invitation card with a writing across it that read ‘CALLED OFF’. 

Helen explained that she made the bold move as she was suffering from mistreatment at the hands of her would-be husband, David Okiki. 

“This was my secondary school classmate who I thought I knew to an extent. On December 28, 2020, he did the 1st and 2nd stage in my family marriage list. The bride price happened to be on the 2nd stage which he paid, after which he started maltreating me,” she said. 

She noted that Okiki would assault her on the slightest provocation and hit her with items like a belt, stick or a broom. 

“I have been in a toxic relationship for over a year now. I am aware that this may be a shock to many people, especially people from my Home Town. My supposed husband hit and abuse me in any slightest provocation, just small misunderstanding without minding what condition I am into 

“Because I have chosen ME and I will not live my entire life facing domestic violence. My supposed husband is full of rage, beating me with his belt, stick, broom is his daily routine , many a times he had lifted his hammer on me,” Helen noted. 

She added that she still suffers from unstoppable headaches as a result of head injuries. 

“The “bride price paid” will be returned in due time. Please respect my choices. Thanks and God bless you all,” Helen added. 

The story sparked reactions with netizens picking her side. 

Do Mi Nion: If all you have just said is true, then there is no inconveniences caused. You just made one of the greatest decision ever. May God strengthen you and may the right man locate you.

Esther Osondu: Not all women can do this, this decision of yours is brave and highly respected. Your beloved will come into your garden, you’ll definitely meet a man who will love, respect, cherish you and so on.You’ve done well sis.

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Yvonne Stanley: Please get the police involved. Let him sign a restraining order so that he never comes close to you ever. These type don’t give up easily. Congratulations for the bold step.

Ejima Lugard: I salute your effort and courage my sister; suffering in silence while putting on a smile is another thing on it own. It is better to make a move in order to save your head in a relationship than in marriage.      

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