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Woman accidentally glues her eye shut after mistaking nail glue for eye drop

A woman identified as Yacedra Williams hailing from Michigan accidentally glued her eye shut after mistaking nail adhesive for eye drop.

Explaining the accident that almost took away her sight, the woman stated that she picked the wrong bottle while removing her dry eye contacts late in the night.

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She revealed that the similarities between the nail glue and eye drop bottle confused her hence ended pouring the glue into her eyes.

As I was putting the drop in my eye, it shut. It was not opening at all. When the glue dropped on my eye, I tried to wipe it away, but it sealed my eyes shut. It felt like a pin is sticking at my eyeball,” said Williams during an interview with local TV.

She then noticed her eye was not opening and it was when she quickly noticed what she did.

According to Williams, she tried to was the glue but her efforts were futile. She asked her husband to call 911 for help.

She revealed that a burning sensation and also like the liquid was crystalizing her eye contact creating a scratching sensation inside her eye.

My husband offered to take me himself, but I told him to call 911 instead because I knew what was happening was time-sensitive and thought maybe the 911 responders could help along the way,” she added.

Fortunately, in the hospital the doctors performed a three-hours procedure on her eye and successfully removed the glue and the contact lense.

Here are some of what social media users had to say following the woman’s accident.

Jennifer Wilt: “People are so sick these days. Pay attention to what the hell you are grabbing.”

Gloria Owensby: “If you know you have nail glue as well as eye drops in a similar bottle kept in the same place, looks like you would be more careful! Glad she’s okay though.”

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Sara Kathleen: “Wow! Really, how silly can one be! Meds should be separated from others so mistakes like this are less likely to happen.”

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