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Why you should delete your ex’s phone number

Break ups will always be rough no matter how you dice them. With the new technology, that is WhatsApp, Facebook and so on your ex would always try to hear from you.

This could bring a setback to you whenever you want to move on.

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That is why you should always block and delete your ex’s contact.

The following reasons explain why it is a good idea to delete you ex’s phone number.

You will definitely forgive and forget

This will most probably be in a case where the break up was an ugly one. When you have means to communicate with that person then you will definitely forgive and forget.

No backtrack

It obvious that you had memorized your ex’s phone number so deleting their number cannot be an option to forgetting them especially with the new technology e.g WhatsApp and Instagram stories. You can continue viewing their statuses and profile pictures without any communication.

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It is one step to moving on

When you keep the contact, you might have a second thought of texting them and probably seek for forgiveness but once the number is no longer on your phone book then that’s not an issue. When you delete the number ylthat means you have forgiven the ex and forgotten and you are planing for the next step.

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