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Why Kikuyu men rarely marry Luo Nyanza women

Usually, you’d find a Kikuyu woman gush over her Luo date but you rarely find a Kikuyu man praise or marry a Luo lady.

Even if we have a small percentage of Kikuyu men marrying Luo ladies, It remains uncommon and trust me you will have to circumnavigate the world to witness one.

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Actually many Kenyans believe that intermarriages are the most proper of uniting Kenyan tribes, but in this case its an individual decision.

Below are some of the reasons that stop Kikuyu men from marrying Luo women as collected from different individuals.

1. Spendthrift

A good number of Kikuyu men complain that luo ladies are not development conscious, Luo women like flashy lifestyle and are spoilt to pampering something that a Kikuyu man with a vision of buying a plot highly dislikes.

A Kikuyu man would always pick a woman who wants to buy plots and do farming over that one who want to drive a Mercedes Benz or rent exorbitant houses in Lavington.

2. They are lazy.

A section of Kikuyu men said they dislike lazy women. And word has it that Luo women are lazy while Kikuyu ladies are said to be very hardworking and in most cases they limit themselves from within GEMA communities (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru and Akamba) who are all Bantus.

3. Stubborn and Arrogant.

From a thorough research done, Luo women are stubborn and arrogant. One Kikuyu man said, “we don’t marry Luo women because they are arrogant and so proud even when they have nothing to be proud of”.

Kikuyu men who married from the tribe also revealed that the ladies are very stubborn and would advise fellow men to marry Kikuyu ladies who are more simple to handle.

4. Culture and Traditions

Kikuyu men, according to their traditions, its unhealthy to spend a night at your in-laws but then they are forced sleep over there because they can’t make it back to central region due to the long distance. It is rare cases to see a Kikuyu man hire a private plane just to take bride price to the ladies family. He’d always opt to marry someone near him, fellow Kikuyu lady.

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5. They want a bedroom bully.

Some Kikuyu men revealed that women from the Lake side are bedroom bullies, something they are not sold to. On the other side Luo ladies have low opinion of Kikuyu men due to their normally overstated average performance in bed. This will always lead to a divorce because she’ll always step out.

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