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What Mariga must do to win Kibra seat

Editor’s Note: Our blogger today is Meshack Onditi. He gives his views on what Mariga should do to capture the kibra seat in the November 7 by elections.

It is now official that the former Inter Millan midfielder McDonald Mariga will run for Kibra seat on Jubilee ticket.

This follows ruling by IEBC tribunal early Monday, September 16, 2019 that Mariga is a registered voter and thereby nullifying an earlier decision by Kibra Returning officer Beatrice Muli.

It must be noted that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) will use all manner of smear campaign to discredit Mariga by casting him as the worst possible choice.

Also, the orange party will seek to sell the narrative of its candidate, late Ken Okoth’s brother, Imran continuing to further the good deeds of the illustrious MP.

Also, it should be noted that ANC’s Eliud Owallo is not a newbie in the local politics. Owallo could pose the greatest challenge to Mariga’s quest.

However Mariga can reprieve in the fact recent numbers released by a local media house showed Luhya have the majority votes in the area.

McDonald Mariga cleared by IEBC
Mcdonald Mariga Wanyama on September 16 after being cleared by the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to vie for the Kibra MNA by-election. Photo:IEBC/Facebook

Therefore, Mariga must first galvanise his votes in one basket before seeking support from other communities in the area.

He must through vigorous campaign ensure that Ford-Kenya’s aspirant Khamisi Butichi does not slice huge chunk of votes from him.

By deploying clever horse trading, he could have Butichi withdraw his candidature a day to the polls.

On a light note, Mariga’s lieutenants could then have Butichi and other Luhya aspirants face Mt Elgon and declare they know no other man to deliver Kibra other than Mariga.

By the same token, he must deploy a formidable campaign war chest. Money moves mountain and this fact cannot be gainsaid especially in such a hotly contested race.

Mariga needs a well-oiled campaign machinery to traverse the area.

The former Inter Millan man must adopt vigour in his campaigns. He must not cut the image of a shy young man who is being pushed into politics. Also, he must slam detractors who hitherto manufactured all manner of accusations.

Kenyans in general and Kibra voters in particular are sold to chocha (bravado) and any sign of cowardice could cost him greatly.

In the same vein, it would be a great plus to have the Deputy President William Ruto join him in the campaign trail. The results might just be awesome if President Uhuru addresses one of his rallies.

However, I’m not sure Uhuru would want to antagonize ‘his brother’ former PM Raila Odinga who will be in the area campaigning for ODM candidate.

The contest for Kibra seat is a litmus test for ODM and will have dire ramifications should the orange party lose in the area it has for a long time bragged to be it’s stronghold.

And should he win the coveted seat, Mariga must use his international connections to promote sporting and other talents in Kibra.

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