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What David Moya Thinks About Kelvin Kinuthia’s ‘Mali Safi’ Compliment

Content creator David Moya has reacted to cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia’s compliment on his physical appearance.

In a video, Kinuthia praised Moya for his looks and sleek dance moves, noting that he would fall for the latter should he get a chance to meet him.

Kinuthia noted that if he was a lady, he would dump her boyfriend for Moya.

“If my man sent me Moya David at work, for him to come and dance for me as he does, I don’t know how it would go. He is good looking and knows how to dance,” he said.

In an interview with Youtuber Mungai Eve, Moya appreciated the compliment, however, noting that it came from the wrong gender.

The dancer noted that he would have reached out if the compliment was from a lady.

“It is a good comment but coming from the wrong person, I mean wrong gender. If it was a lady, I would have even slid on her DM

”I didn’t take offense but I think if it is a matter of creating content, he would have just used the right procedure,” Moya said.

Cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia PHOTO/COURTESY

In other news, Moya disclosed that he recently reunited a couple who had broken up. 

Moya noted that the boyfriend identified as Symoh had wronged his girlfriend and to win her heart again, he resorted to sending the dancer her way. 

After the dance, Moya went down on his knee and gave her the flowers before showering the beau with confetti. 

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Symoh who was watching from a distance then hugged his girlfriend.

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