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Viral video shows Uhuru’s security frisking Speaker Muturi over unnecessary movement

A little confusion ensued at the Parliament Buildings on Thursday, May 27 during the National Prayer Breakfast after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security frisked National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi.

As the leaders stood for the nation anthem, Speaker Muturi tried to pocket, making it look like he was looking for something inside his pocket.

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Fearing the unknown, one of Uhuru’s bodyguard frisked the pocket area and contained the Speaker’s hand movement.

However, reacting to the video, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja said the incident was not a security threat to the President but just a matter of protocol at a national function.

“It’s not pockets. It’s that when the anthem is being played the president must be a step or two ahead of the rest. So he was being stopped from moving forward,” he explained.


@MashRomeo: Lke wtf* he could be getting anything from that pocket

@geel_jiire: That pat down was smooth,done without raising eyebrows

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@KiMuiruri: Just reminds me of a particular teacher who would notice every time if you left out one word in any answer you gave. I guess too many bad hombres been stopping and bothering our beloved president for his liking

@WehliyeMohamed: That is not how you treat our spokesman. Hari muthuri hatiitangagwo maai!

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