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Vilicunca: The rainbow mountain in Peru

Also known an as Winikunka, Vilicunca is a mountain located in the Andes of Peru with an altitude of 17,100 ft above sea level.

To access the mountain, one requires a two-hour drive and a walk of about 5 kilometers, and a one-half-kilometre steep walk to the hill.

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According to the Cultural Landscape Office of the Decentralization of the City of Cusco, the seven colors of the mountain are due to its mineralogical composition.

The pink color is due to red clay, mud and sand while the whitish colouring is due to quartzose, sandstone and marls, rich in calcium carbonate.

The red is due to ironnand clays belonging to the Upper Tertiary period while the green is due to phyllites and clays rich in ferro magnesian.

The earthy brown is a product of fanglomerate composed of rock with magnesium belonging to the Quaternary period and the mustard yellow color comes from the calcareous sandstones rich in sulphurous minerals.

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Tourists are advised to visit the colorful site is in August, since it is dry season and provides a very beautiful view, maximizing the vivid colors of the mountains.

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