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Video of Mother, Son Being Beaten by Rogue In-Laws Spark Outrage

A heartbreaking video of a middle aged woman and young man being assaulted has gone viral online sparking outrage.     

The video shows the woman being whipped several times by men said to be her in-laws. 

According to reports, the woman was trying to save his son who was being beaten before the men turned against her. 

The woman was being beaten as she painfully screamed and begged for mercy from curious onlookers who were watched from a distance.  

“Just kill me. Arrest me with him. Help me. You are killing me. You had ordered me to leave, I’m going now,” the lady begged. 

One man who could be seen whipping the harmless woman repeatedly accused her of insulting his brother and being disrespectful. 

The video sparked outrage with netizens urging the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to take up the matter and arrest the perpetrators. 

Nekesa Carol: In this era of social media people still think they can do despicable things and go unpunished. Those in-laws are about to learn painfully why Kenya is a country governed by the law. 

Pesh Ng’ani: Who will protect our mothers and our kids from such violent families. MotLher is ready to die for her son. I feel her pain. God of widows and orphans, it’s your time. She needs justice.

Philip Kagony: It’s completely wrong this should not happen in our society! I hate beating a woman, hence the full force of the law should be taken against those men.

Adinoh Samba: That was so inhuman. May Justice prevail. I don’t understand why widows suffer in the hands of in-laws. DCI Kenya please come for her rescue.   

Through his Facebook page, lawyer Steve Ogolla said that the woman was in urgent need of medical attention and had given her KSh 50,000 for treatment.

He added that Mama Kwamboka and her son Alfred had reported the matter to Oriwo Police Station in Ringa and obtained an OB Number. 

“I have talked to Mama Kwamboka, her son Alfred, and eldest daughter Emily Moraa. She is in great pain but is yet to receive medical treatment. I’ve sent the family KSh 50,000 for medical treatment,” said Ogolla

At the same time, the National Police Service (NPS) has acted on the same by condemning the incident terming it unjustified, unlawful and cruel. 

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“NPS joins outraged Kenyans in condemning the uncalled brutality against the two. The rule of law should always prevail against the rule of the mob in all situations,” the police said.

Police spokesperson Bruno Shioso PHOTO/COURTESY

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