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VIDEO: Man Balances 4 Eggs on Each Other to Win Guiness World Records

A young man from Yemen recently made it to the Guinness World Records after balancing four eggs on top of each other. 

Mohammed Muqbel, alias Mo Balances broke his own record having balanced three eggs on each other in 2021. 

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According to a video showing Mo balancing the eggs, he sat in front of a table and carefully balanced the eggs on each other shortly before rejoicing. 

He told Guinness World Records that balancing eggs might look like some concept but it is much harder than it looks. 

“The art of balancing involves tremendous patience, focus and calmness. I would even say it is linked to the science of physics and engineering 

“Balancing takes a toll on your body because of the high levels of focus needed to achieve such a thing,” he said.  

Mo stated that he noticed his skill for balancing things at a young age and has been nurturing it since then.

“I consider myself an ambitious person, and I aim to showcase my skills to the whole world one day. Breaking two records has been a blessing, and I can’t wait to attempt more in the future,” he said. 


@leoncydaniel: I think this guy can help me to balance my relationship 

@the_nomad_beast: Plot twist : eggs are paid actors 

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@yor_jenjen: You can actually do this on a certain day that only lasts abt an hours pretty sure in Indonesia 

@utumnroseb420: Well that’s 4 more than I could ever hope to stack. Great job, you nailed it!  

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