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Uhuru’s Childhood Driver Now Wants Land, Car As Reward

There is no doubt the
responsibility of chauffeuring the children of the president is entrusted to
the very best of the lot.


The driver has to be
disciplined, watchful and deserving in every sense to be allowed to drive the
precious jewels of the head of state.


And that was the case
for Robert Mugo Mbui, the man who drove President Uhuru Kenyatta and his siblings
to school.


Mugo, a retired GSU officer
was tasked with driving young Uhuru, his brother Muhoho and and sister Nyokabi
from Gatundu to Nairobi’s St-Mary’s School in the mornings at 8 am and
returned them around 4 or 5 pm.

He now says he would
wish to meet president Uhuru and from the meeting get a parcel of land and a
car for serving the first family at State House.


Robert Mugo at a past meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta. He says he’s wish to meet the president and regale him with childhooldmemories. PHOTO | COURTESY

Mugo says the promise of
land and car was given by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta but wasn’t fulfilled after the
founding father passed on in 1978.


He says he’d wish to
meet President Uhuru and, in addition to regaling him with old memories, he’d
ask for the reward, which he says would help him provide a better life for his

“Kama ingewezekana
tuonane hivi itakuwa vizuri zaidi,” he said in an interview with Daily

“I also have three
grandchildren who are graduates but have no job. I would love to see them

Similarly, Mugo’s wife
stated that land will alleviate their poverty.

“We want a shamba.
We have alot of problems due to lack of land. We have a small plot and he has
many children,”
said Annete Njeri.

The ex-Golf Sierra
Uniform (as GSU officers are referred in police and military circles) claims
that the last time he saw the President was during the election campaign in

“We met a Kianyaga.
He asked me ‘Have you met Mum?’ I said ‘I can’t get there lest I be beaten. He
told me, ‘Give me your number.’ The number was taken by his people and that got
lost there,”
he says.

Mugo who served in the
paramilitary force from 1966 to 1997, now resides in Gatumbi Village in Gichugu
constituency, where he lives in a wooden structure with a cement foundation.

He remembers the young
Uhuru as jovial and friendly, he says their friendship was one he will cherish for the rest
of his life.

He recalls how he helped
Uhuru try his hands on a new bicycle.

“I would tell him,
‘Friend, may I come have a ride on your bike?’ He’d tell me, ‘Come and ride,’
and we would laugh a lot while riding the bike,”
he said.

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