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Uhuru Addresses His Aide-de-Camp in Public: ‘Umekatwa Mshahara?

President Uhuru Kenyatta caused a light moment after talking to his aide-de-camp Lietenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolol during his Labour Day address. 

The Head of State was addressing challenges that was brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and claims that civil servants suffered a pay cut. 

Uhuru dismissed the same noting that despite challenges brought by the pandemic, no worker in the public or civil service was subjected to a salary decrement. 

“And indeed I am proud to say that unlike the private sector that declared redundancies that led to retrenchments, we in the public sector maintained our work force at pre-covid levels

“There was no teacher, no worker in government, no policeman who lost his job because there was no money. No one had to endure a pay cut,” the President said. 

Uhuru emphasized on the matter before turning to him aide-de-camp and asked him; 

“Wewe ulikatwa mshahara?,” to which the Navy officer saluted and said, “No sir,” amid laughter from the crowd. 

The moment was one of a kind for the serious officer who stands behind the Head of State as it has never been witnessed especially in a public function. 

However, one might wonder, what are the roles of the aide-de-camp? 

First of all, the ADC must be young and physically fit to withstand long hours of standing and walking while on duty. 

They are also expected to maintain a strict dietary discipline while accompanying the Head of State to functions. 

ADCs work closely with the head of Presidential Escort Unit Commander who is in charge of the President’s security. 

Aide-de-camps are often seen with the President in public but retire to their homes once the Head of State takes a break. 

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Other functions of ADCs are; 

  • An ADC’s role, which is performed by a military officer, is mostly ceremonial; to give the presidency dignity and honour.
  • He usually follows the President whenever he goes out on official duties.
  • He is supposed to escort the president out of State House into a waiting car, opening the door, then standing at attention and saluting when the President sits on the back seat. He then closes the door and occupies the front passenger seat.
  • He, at times, carries the President’s personal items like mobile phones and speeches.
  • He also receives gifts or other items on behalf of the President.

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