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Ugandan man painfully narrates how young girl hit by speeding taxi died in his arms

A Ugandan man has painfully narrated how he came a cropper after doctors at Bombo Military hospital in Uganda ignored the his frantic efforts to save life of a young girl, hit and abandoned by speeding taxi.

According to the man who identifies himself as Jay Canday on Facebook, the girl had been knocked down by a speeding taxi ahead of him and he was briefly conflicted on whether to chase the taxi driver or save the little girl.

He eventually decided to save the little girl and together with a few good Samaritans, he managed put the girl at the back of his truck and drove to a nearby Bombo military hospital.

He says the lady doctor at the facility was on her WhatsApp and appeared completely detached from the seriousness of the issue.

I drove crazily like never before with a lot of agony until Bombo Barracks hospital but what hurt me most is that when I reached the hospital I ran to call the doctor for help but seriously speaking I talked to the doctor while stammering but instead she just continued with texting messages on her whatsApp,” he wrote on Sunday, September 29.

He movingly narrates how the girl eventually died in his arms after medics at the facility failed to do anything to save her life.

I was desperate didn’t know what to do, I ran looking for the wheelchair doing my best to see that the girl’s life could be saved.

I carried the little girl on my chest and the moment I did that I felt her heart pumping so fast, yearning to breath, as a believer

I never stopped praying to God to save the poor girl’s life but only a few seconds later I heard her taking her last breath, she died in my chest, she died in my arms, she died with a lot of pain, I felt it, she was in my chest, I felt it, I felt her last breath, I felt her last heartbeat, doctors couldn’t do anything to save the little girl’s life, she died in my arms.

I didn’t manage to do anything either, I became a looser.

But that was not all, the man had to endure more as doctors at the military facility told him they could not store the body and sent him to police where officers would demand for bribe to fuel the police vehicle to take them to the scene.

The post which has since gone viral has elicited mixed reactions on social media with netizens calling out the doctors and police officers for negligence and lacking a sense of humanity.

He has appealed to netizens to share the post widely so the girl’s relatives can be located.

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