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Types of men to avoid

Any lady planning to get into the dating world should consider the type of man approaching them.

You are most likely to meet every kind of men before settling with the potential him.

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Here are types of men.

Soccer lover

Men love football and that’s a fact. However, those obsessed with it will never give you the required attention.

A football guy would never miss any match, he would rather shut down his phone.

A soccer guy would would abandon his family any time Chelsea versus Manchester City game is proceeding.


This kind of men are always romantic during the first meeting. They are always first about everything.

On your first meeting he will definitely plan your future with him.

He would even introduce you to his friends, family as his girlfriend even before knowing your background.

A Romeo would be fine for a woman who is too desperate to settle down. In a most likely case, the man will end up leaving you after conning you.

Gadget Man

This one is always carrying the latest gadget in town.

He is of the high class. Either he has a new expensive watch, a new phone model or even a car.

He is just in a show off. He thinks owning all the expensive gadgets could bring him close to women.

If you get married to a gadget man you will spend the rest of your life massaging his ego.

Rich man

It’s nice to have a rich boyfriend. That’s right, because women tend to parasite men.

But again you must understand that there are two types of rich men, that one who worked for the money and okay with his lover and then there is that one who believes his money can buy love.

In such a relationship, the man will always see you as an acquisition, a parasite and non important.

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Lazy one

Sadly this type of men cannot be identified during the first meeting.

This is because they always act normal and they even have the most romantic compliments.

This men have no life goals, they are don’t cares. He would always take you on group dates, just to ensure his male friends pay the bills.

He would also take you on dates using his friends cars. It not that he must be rich but again needs to work hard and smart not just waiting for miracles.

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