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Tricks Nairobi women use to get sponsors

Nairobi women have widened their methods of searching and seducing men making them the new hunters in town.

Unlike men who go for the looks of a woman, women go for the heaviest pocket and when the man plays to her tune, she automatically knows it the opportunity to drain the prey.

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Men, here some of the tricks women uses to seduce, and win over your pocket.

Prayer partners

It clear that the church since year ago has been the most fertile hunting ground.

In church, the most common method where women get the chance to get the most richest man is by forming a pray partnership.

And because church men are fast and want to formalize things with the lady they start enjoying sex, and it’s when hell opens up.

Social media stalkers

Men, avoid showing off your luxurious life on social media. Just avoid posting photos while in expensive cars or at luxurious check in’s every time you fly abroad.

A woman is somewhere watch you keenly, and will strike and drain you unaware.

Social media hunting.

Things have changed recently, unlike during the days of our great grandparents when they approached their lovers eye to eye, today, things have transfered to LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Here the woman can easily identity a man who has good job and that one who doesn’t have. They will soon shoot their shot.

You are hired.

It might look weird but real.

There are women who look for sponsors in different newspapers adverts.

They are always sure of finding men who have been promoted or hired by big companies.

Witch doctors play a major role

Women would always do anything to have you wrapped on the their finger. Especially if the man is attached to his family, the lady would opt for black magic to have him.

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Otherwise, women can do this to have their men loving them and them alone.

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