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Tricks Nairobi robbers use to steal phones from people

Everyone has ever felt that awful feeling of panic and despair when they reach to their pockets and find that their phone is missing.

That could happen multiple times while in Nairobi where robbers snatch your phone without you realizing.

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However, Nairobi robbers would snatch phones from innocent individuals either inside matatu’s or on the streets.

Here are some of the tricks the robbers use to steal phone from unsuspecting citizens.

A thief inside Matatu

A good number of Kenyans have narrated how they lost their phones and other belongings from unsuspecting Matatu passengers.

This kind of robbers have different methods of confusing a person and then steal.

They might drop something, even money and ask you to pick for them.

While in the process the robbers reaches to your bag in a blink of an eye and steal.

They would then signal the conductor to drop them off immediately after the incident before you notice your items are missing.

Shopkeepers working with thieves

While in the city, you have to be alert to avoid falling victim of such incidents.

According to some shop attendants in Nairobi work closely with robbers and steal from their customers.

Snatch and run

You must always be careful while at crowded places.

Thieves use the advantage of crowd to snatch a phone from you and run disappearing into thin air.

They would always target a person who looks stressed, confused or trying to focus on their bearings.

Snatching phones in traffic

Another trick by thives is snatching phones from innocent individuals leaving them in shock not knowing what to do.

The trick works only when in a crowded street.

They would quickly snatch it from you and run hiding into the crowd.

This ‘style’ is also used while in jams. A robber quickly opens a vehicle’s window and and snatch a person’s phone.

Old women or pregnant women who borrow phones.

This kind of women would approach you and borrow your phone to call their loved ones to seek for help.

The woman would dial a number which goes through but no one picks.

She will thank you very much for assisting you and then board the same vehicle with you.

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Inside the vehicle is her accomplice who will later pretend to have lost a phone inside the vehicle.

They will then call your number and to your shock they will start calling you thief and even before you explain yourself the phone is gone and your ejected from the vehicle.

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