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Top newspaper headlines for August 23: BBI battle moves to Parliament

The dailies on Monday, August 23 reported on the projected next moves by BBI proponents after the court of appeal quashed their appeal.

The country’s top newspapers further reported how Deputy President William Ruto has been attacking the BBI proponents directly.

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People Daily

This publication reported that Attorney General Kihara Kariuki has decided to move to the Supreme Court to counter the court of Appeal verdict on August, 20 that threw out the BBI.

During the seat, the seven bench judges said that the president had gone against the constitution as it doesn’t give him powers to initiate changes to the constitution.

But, Ag Kariuki could not accept the decision and vowed to move to the Supreme Court to challenge it.

The AG released a draft document where he identified five major grounds from where his argument will rely on.

His points include, the application of the basic structure doctrine, remit of constitutional amendments by popular initiative and presidential immunity.

For the basic structure doctrine, Kariuki blamed the Court of Appeal and the High Court stating that the went ahead of their mandate in their ruling.

He further found fault with with the appellate judges for terming President Uhuru Kenyatta as one of the promoters of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

Daily Nation

The daily reported that legislators allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta have plans to enliven the BBI reggae this time through Parliament.

According to reports, the legislators have specially selected 52 clauses in the document, which according to them can be carried out with the need of plebiscite.

Their are pushing to have the fresh clauses passed before the 2022 General Elections.

Here are the Key points,

  • To have constituencies increased from 290 to 360.
  • To have 26 constituencies that did not meet the population criteria in 2012 protected.
  • Nomination of presidential candidates and their running mates to Parliament after a General Election
  • Mps elected in counties, national government be made members of cabinet.
  • To have an increase in the counties allocations to atleast 35% of national revenue.
  • A seven-year tax break to the youth
  • Creation of a Youth commission
  • Creation of Ward Development Fund taking 5% of the total development budget in counties

Taifa Leo

This publication reported that the opposition chief Raila Odinga has plan B even after the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s judgement.

According to reports, the ODM party will be meeting with the PG with the August 20 verdict being the agenda and their next move

After the judgement, the ODM leader stated that he had accepted and would not be moving to supreme court to challenge it.

According to him, he is now focused on the next year’s polls

He noted that the bill which intended to make changes to the constitution was aimed at bringing people together but even with it being stopped they will still push to have a United nation.

The former premier officially declared he would be vying for presidency next year.

The Standard

According to this publication, the Deputy President William Ruto has continued sending direct attacks to the BBI proponents terming them as selfish.

In what that look like an attack to Raila, Ruto alleged that BBI proponents wanted to use the bill to advance their own interests.

Ruto added that it’s God who stopped the BBI reggae because not going to be of any impact to Kenyans.

“It’s God’s will that we involve all in such things. It cannot be successful if some are not involved,” he said.

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He further asked Uhuru’s handshake friends to step down as the BBI flopped and let the president deliver his promises to Kenyans

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