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Tips to know your girlfriend is a Wife Material

If you are serious about getting a ‘Wife Material’ then going beyond looks would be a priority.

The person whom you want to be the mother of your children must exhibit exemplary behaviors and not one who will cause trouble to the marriage.

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It is important to focus on the following characteristics to guide you when picking an ideal life partner.

She is a good cook.

Unlike ‘Slayqueens’ who can’t cook because of their super long nails, a good wife needs to master recipes of all kinds of foods.

She has to prepare excellent traditional and complicated meals without complaining.

She has to master how to cook soft chapatis not the amoeba-shaped ones. Her food should always be tasty not with excessive salts and not the least, her tea should not be watery.

She has goals and ambitions

A wife material knows what she wants to do with her life.

She keeps chasing her goals no matter what comes in her way.

Men dislike parasitic women and would always go for that who is self confident and generally depends on herself.

She is God fearing

Men, get a wife who not only is a church goer but also has roles in the church. Women from the church have respect for their husbands due to the morals lessons they get from the Bible. She should be dressing decently while attending church. A wife material goes for the first seats in the church.

She is Submissive

No man would want to marry a woman who doesn’t follow his rules, orders and regulations. A wife material understands that you are the head of the home and would never engage in any arguments with you.

She respects her in-laws

The woman whom you want to settle with must show respect and unconditional love to your family. She should not engage in any arguments with you parents no matter what happens. By doing that she will win the hearts of the in-laws. The in-laws should respect her also.

She is not a spendthrift

A good wife does not go misusing money with unnecessary things but uses every coin carefully. She does not have to be like slayqueens who go for expensive weaves in the name of my man has money. Instead, she should come up with investment ideas.

She understands the challenges of being in a relationship.

A good wife knows the challenges you both go through before making that relationship stable. She must be good at saving a dying relationship and good at learning lessons from her failures. Giving up on her man is not an option.

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She must be Faithful

The person you’re picking to be your life time partner should be faithful at all times. It is not okay for a wife to have a male bestie who keeps visiting her daily pretending they are just hanging out. Even if you’ve travelled far away from home for job, she has to be chaste. Couples who are faithful to each other live happily forever.

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