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Tiny KSh 500k two-bedroom home leaves Kenyans talking

A tiny two-bedroom home making rounds on social media has caused a heated debated among Kenyans.

Kenyans online have hilariously reacted at the photos of the home shared online with other nicknaming it Vitz or Kadudu of homes.

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The houses are located in Mombasa and Nairobi are funded and managed by Kenya Projects Budget Homes – Grace – a housing agency.

Tiny home
View of the houses’ sitting room. Photo courtesy

The agency revealed that the house is sold at KSh 500,000 and one can book it with KSh250,000 and finish the rest after the year of purchase.

The houses are full furnished,with furniture, curtains, carpets and has a sit-on toilet which is also a bathroom and a kitchen.

Tiny home
It is designed with small beds on each bedroom. Photo courtesy

According to Kenyans the houses are tiny and said that it can never fit all the things the agency mentioned.

Netizens agreed that the house can fit a sofa, a table and a TV but the movement inside the house becomes a major challenge.

Some said that the they were sold at exorbitant prices yet they are two small which should be sold as bedsitters, or at least as one bedroom units.

A user joked that the house was so tiny that could be ordered online and be delivered the same day at the back of a lorry canter.

Tiny home
The house has a children’s bedroom. Photo courtesy

Below are some comments from Kenyans.

Gichuru Cibu: “This would be an ‘upgrade’ to so many Kenyan homes…if you are blessed to build a bigger better one, thank your God,”

Wanjiru Njenga: “Those saying it’s better than the slum, do you really believe that a Kenyan living in a shack can afford to have savings in the bank or enough financial connections to raise this amount?

Tiny home
The house has the necessary amenities. Photo courtesy

Wanjiru: “There is however a way to help the slum dwellers own such a house. That is through a rent to own plan. Only the government can afford to come up with such plans, however, we all are informed that it would be marred with corruption and time delays,”

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Muthoni Maina: “I feel suffocated…. out of breath by just looking at the photos, let alone entering the house. This world is so big to restrict yourself this much,”

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