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Things you should not force in a relationship

We all normally feel the need to be appreciated and loved in a relationship. However, we cannot always force things to happen or be done for us.

In a good relationship, everything flows smoothly, and you do not have to force your partner to do things for you.

Forcing things like attention and time, are signs of an unhealthy relationship. The article will shed light on three things that you should never force in a relationship.

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Spending time together

You never have to beg your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend or have time for you. A person who really wants to spend their time with you will do so.

If he or she does not want to, they will not be available for you.  You at all time avoid forcing things because that’s a red flag, just walk out.


With love, comes respect. It is a virtue that cannot be forced. If you partner loves you, respecting you should come naturally.

Real relationships entail utmost respect for one another for it to survive and thrive. Your partner sees your value and importance in their life.

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Affection and Intimacy

Intimacy is being close to each other sensually. On the other hand, affection is liking and admiring each other.

You should neither force your partner to be affectionate nor intimate with you. If he or she is not interested, just let them be. Forcing issues will only hurt you more and more.

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