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Things you should never say to a girl on her period

There are things that a man is not supposed to tell a lady especially during that dreaded week when she is on her period.

Women would always want to be pampered during that seven-day period of torture, but again they will always get angry if you don’t do it their way.

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You have to familiarize yourself with the below do’s and don’ts to avoid when your girlfriend or wife is on her period to keep off unnecessary fights. And I guess you would have done yourself a huge favour.

Never tell her she appears tired

Men, don’t even think about trying the honesty is the best policy during this time.

Praising her even when she isn’t looking or feeling her best self is undoubtedly the best compliment ever.

Never start arguments from last week

Never trying highlight her mistakes or previous slip-ups in that week when she is on her periods.

You should always remember that her feelings are everywhere, and her mood is down. Thus, raising unnecessary arguments would always would stoke the fire that shouldn’t be encouraged.

Never tell her she’s gained weight

You wish to never tell her she has gained weight since it will only make her fury. The weight is caused by bloating that has showed up again that why you should always keep you comments about her body to yourself.

Never leave her alone, even when she insists

You should never leave her alone even if you feel like she doesn’t want you close to her. She would always pretend it’s okay for you to give her space but deep down she wants to be with you all the time as she fight pain and suffering.

Never tell her you will talk to her when her periods are over

You should always avoid showing her lack of interest when she is on her menses. It is even incorrect to her angrily because when she is on her periods she wants to be pampered.

If you had a disagreement and you thought of telling her “talk to me only when you period is over” don’t. Instead work productively and delicately to settle the issue permanently!

Never ask her when she’s going to change her pyjamas

It is just not okay to ask her is she will change her pyjamas soon, just let her swagger out of the present circumstance as quickly as she might want to. Instead of such questions make her to feel cherished and attractive.

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Never say a situation occurred because she is PMSing

Always consider how you would take things when the situation switches. Forgo blaming a biological reaction for an adjustment in her mind-set. What’s more, indeed, because she communicates her feelings transparently doesn’t mean she is essentially on her period as well!

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