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Things you should do to win her trust

Trust must be earned. It never comes on a silver platter, instead, it is built with time and experiences.

Men women do not easily forget things and that’s why if your girlfriend does not trust you because of something you did in the past, you should understand, and figure out how to win her trust back.

Winning her trust and making her believe in you once again, will be very important for you relationship.

Here are some things you should start doing to win your woman’s trust.

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Be open

Ensure that you tell her about the things happening in your life.

For instance, if you bumped into your ex and she is still interested in you, let your woman know.

You should never, ever let her hear things from other people. Ensure she is the first to know.

Keep promises

Always keep your promises to her, and avoid making promises when you are unsure of them.

Women are easily turned off by men who do not keep their word.

If you make a promise, please keep it, or else she will stop trusting you.

Introduce her to family and friends

Introducing her to your friends and family will give her a sense of security.

She will stop doubting you, hence your relationship will be filled with trust.

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Be patient

Like mentioned above, trust must be earned, and this takes time.

Be patient, and never force her to trust you.

You will actually be surprised by how rigid the trust can become with time.

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