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Things you should avoid telling your partner by text

Text messaging is considered a cheap and easy way to communicate. However, there are things that you should not tell your partner over text.

The reason is that, sometimes, especially when you want to convey something important or sensitive, it is better to do it in person.

In this article, we have highlighted four things you shouldn’t tell your partner over text.

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Apologize after major fallout

Do not apologize over text, especially if you fell out because of a big issue.

Instead, look for your partner in person, and find better ways out of the many, to apologize to him or her.


Criticisms are common in relationships, especially serious and committed ones.

Your partner may do something wrong, and you may feel the need to remind them about it or call the behaviour out.

It is advisable to not do it over text.

Instead, find him or her in person and talk about it.

Asking for space

Sometimes we all need some space from our relationships, especially when something is wrong or not working out.

If you need space, do not say this to your partner over text.

This is a very sensitive topic and if you truly love your partner, do it in a modest way.

Find him or her, and tell them in person what you want and why.

Important information

If you need to pass important information to your partner, the best way to do it is find them and inform them.

In this case, do not send a text message.

It may be misinterpreted and taken in the wrong way, not in the way you meant it.

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We tend to say and text a lot of things when we are angered by someone.

In a relationship, never ever insult your partner in case of a disagreement, and definitely not on text.

What you should do, is stay calm and hope that things will be okay and better.

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