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Things you should avoid doing while in campus

Many people agree that campus period is one of the best moments in their lives.

Without doubt campus is totally different from highschool due to the freedom and fun, among others. However, there is always the bad and the good side.

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Even with such a good life there are thing you should avoid at all costs.

Here is a list of things to avoid doing while in campus.


The habit of procrastination is high in campus than anywhere else.

Just to put you on the know, campus student procrastinate almost everything related with school.

They prefer doing things in a rush at the very last moment, might it be studying for exams, assignment or even paying their school fees.

If you choose such a habit, you would end up piling books trying to catch up with what you missed. This kind of behavior is highly rejected as every single second wasted can never be recovered.

Skiving classes

Regardless of your excuses just avoid skipping your classes. Just as aforementioned, things are totally different in campus than in highschool or primary school.

In a class of over 300 plus students, monitoring those absent in class can be very difficult.

The new trick by campus students is signing present for their absent colleagues. That becomes very easy and possible considering the fact that the tricksters have simple signatures that can be forged by anyone.

This is a poisonous behavior you never want to try because you will terribly fail to understand complex topics. To wraplp it up, just never miss classes.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Having being brought up in a Christian family with all teachings about being a Temple of Christ could come to an end at the very moment you step in campus.

The freedom and fun in campus commences in the first week when fourth years organize a party called Freshers’ night.

During the party a fresher would have ease and be a freshman. The party is to welcome you to the new life.

Drinks and cigarettes of all brands are available.

Just don’t try any of the drugs because getting off from the addiction is hard. You just don’t want to end up a nobody after the many years of studying in primary and highschool.

Negative peer pressure

We all have peers. They can be positive or negative and are your age mates who have similar interests and experiences.

A positive peer would always push you to be your best while a negative peer will make you feel as if you have to do something to be accepted.

Having known all that be sure of whom you make your closest friend. Always choose that one who will lead you to the right path.


While in campus you would meet different and very beautiful girls and boys who you would want to date.

It’s advisable not to engage in any kind of intimate relationship but focus on studies first. But if it’s a must to have, get only one.

Avoid having multiple partners just to brag how and show of how flirty you are.

Some will end up draining all your little money and leave you once your broke. Just take care.

Don’t ‘eat’ fees

Spending your school fees could to multiple problems in school that could interfere your academic performance.

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You will end up being sent home for fees which is obviously you would not go at home because you parents had provide fees previously. Just avoid this behavior.

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