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Things that cause stress amongst Nairobi women

Nairobi city is full of beautiful and ambitious women.

Just like men, these women go through stressful situations, because life can be tough for women living in Nairobi.

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When things get rough, these women can go to an extent of engaging in drugs, and prostitution.

Below are common things that bring about stress amongst Nairobi women.

Cheating husbands

It is hard for a woman to live with a husband, who cheats, and has several ‘mpango wa kandos’.

Unfaithfulness can be very devastating and hurtful, because your husband no longer cares about you or how you feel.

Having unfaithful husbands has caused many women to go into depression due to stress, and some engage in destructive activities in an attempt to seek revenge, or make themselves feel better.

Living with the extended family

We can both agree that this can be more challenging than not!

Some people in the city, live with their extended families and relatives, sharing everything with them.

This can be challenging for women who are not in good terms with them, especially when disagreements occur.

Most of the time, the husbands try to avoid such arguments and blame their wives for not loving his family, or living properly with them.

Bully employers

Having a bully employer is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, and especially to a woman in the work place.

Quiet and humble women tend to be victims of bullying by bosses.

The situation can be very stressful, especially if you are giving your all to the work, and still not appreciated.

You’re required to do the impossible to be appreciated, and this makes many women to be stressed since they cannot afford to quit or lose their jobs.


Life in the city is not for the light hearted!

It is definitely not for anyone without work! You need to find a hustle that generates money for basic and secondary needs.

For women, it can be hard to find work to do, since most jobs require manliness to handle for example construction work.

Also, may women can be very choosy when it comes to work, but it reaches a point where ‘work is work’, and they don’t choose which one to do.

They handle any kind of work, as long as it brings food to the table.


Having children is like signing a life time contract my friend!

Many women live with their children in the city but may never get enough quality time to spend with them.

This distancing from parents, has caused many children to engage in drug abuse, and illegal activities, causing their mothers and women to be stressed.

Women become concerned and are filled with pain when their children engage in such activities since most of the time, they are the ones to blame.

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They are blamed for not raising their children right, and not teaching them on how to behave.

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