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The Palace of the Parliament: World’s heaviest, most expensive administrative building

The Palace of the Parliament, also known as the Republic’s House is the world’s heaviest building and it was designed by a team of approximately 700 architects.

According to reports on the internet, the building was constructed over a period of 13 years in Socialist realist and modernist Neoclassical architectural forms and styles.

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Weighing about 4,098,500,000 kilograms, the Palace reaches a height of 84 metres, has a floor area of 365,000 square metres and a volume of 2,550,000 cubic metres.

It was reported that the building was ordered by Nicolae Ceaușescu, the president of Romania, at the time, during a period in which the personality cult of political worship and adoration increased considerably for him and his family.

The Palace houses the two chambers of the Parliament of Romania; the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies along with three museums and an international conference center.

The museums in the Palace are the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Communist Totalitarianism (established in 2015) and the Museum of the Palace.

Due to its impressive characteristics, events organized by state institutions and international bodies such as conferences and symposia take place there.

Interestingly, despite this about 70% of the building remains empty.

As of 2020, the Palace of the Parliament is valued at KSh 511 billion making it the most expensive administrative building in the world.

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The cost of heating, electricity and lighting alone exceeds KSh 653 million per year, comparable to the total cost of powering a medium-sized city.

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