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Texas Shooting: Gunman Posted Warning Online Minutes Before School Attack

Authorities have said that 18-year-old gunman who opened fire at an elementary school in Texas made social media posts prior to the shooting incident. 

Salvador Ramos opened fire in Robb Elementary killing 19 children and 2 teachers. 

According to Republican Texas Gov. Gregg Abott, Ramos made the posts on Facebook at least 30 minutes before storming the school. 

“There was no meaningful forewarning of this crime, other than what I’m about to tell you.

As of this time, the only information known in advance was posted by the gunman on Facebook approximately 30 minutes before reaching the school,” Abott said.

Abott also shared the contents of the posts. 

He said; 

“The first post was to the point of he said, ‘I’m going to shoot my grandmother.’ The second post was, ‘I shot my grandmother.’ The third post, maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school, was, ‘I’m going to shoot an elementary school.'”

Moments after the announcement, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone countered the claims saying the posts by Ramos were not public. 

“The messages Gov. Abbott described were private one-to-one text messages that were discovered after the terrible tragedy occurred. We are closely cooperating with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation,” Stone tweeted. 

On the fateful day, Ramos first shot his grandmother at her home and then fled the scene after contacting the police. 

The grandmother was airlifted to a hospital and was being treated in serious condition. 

The suspect left the scene for the school and crashed his vehicle into a ditch near the school. He then emerged with a rifle and a backpack while wearing a tactical vest that holds extra ammunition. 

The car used by Savador Ramos PHOTO/COURTESY

The suspect dropped a bag full of ammunition outside of the school during that encounter and ran inside. 

He then barricaded himself in a classroom and an adjoining classroom opened fire at those inside.

According to Marca, Ramos was described by his former classmates as a failed and lonely student who was bullied for being poor and wearing eyeliner.

It is also said that the teen legally purchased two assault rifles and scores of ammo last week to mark his 18th birthday. 

According to State Sen. John Whitmire, Ramos legally purchased two AR platform rifles at a local federal firearms licensee on May 17 and on May 20.

He also purchased 375 rounds of ammunition on May 18. 

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“It’s the first thing he did when he turned 18,” Whitmire said.

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