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TerryAnne Chebet opens up on relationship with Jackie Maribe amid betrayal claims

Former Citizen TV news anchor TerryAnne Chebet has opened up on her relationship with media personality Jackie Maribe.

Speaking during a recent interview, the mother of two rubbished claims that she abandoned Maribe while she was going through a dark period in her life.

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She also noted that she was hurt by people’s opinions that she was not present for her when she needed her the most.

“During that time, when everything was going on, many things were said that were untrue. About the kind of support she received, the friends that she had but the truth is we were there,” she said.

TerryAnne confirmed that the ‘girl squad’ still exists, however, revealing that they no longer meet as a group.

“The girls’ squad is still there, albeit shaken a little. When we started, we were five, Monica, Kirigo, Jacque, Shix and I. We are still together, although we no longer meet as a group. But it broke up down a lot of things,” added TerryAnne.

She added that after people started accusing them of neglecting Maribe, they decided to step back and allow people to continue talking.

However, as all happened, TerryAnne said they visited Maribe while at Lang’ata Women’s Prison and even attended court sessions.

“There were things that were said that cannot be unsaid, and because of that, we started drifting apart. But sometimes, when a friendship breaks up, you can try to fight for it, but sometimes you give each other time. She is my best friend but right now we are giving each other time,” she added.

This came months after Maribe penned a heartwarming appreciation letter to Citizen TV reporter Chemutai Goin thanking her for being an amazing friend.

In her letter, Maribe noted that she became friends with Goin after inviting her to join their campaign team.

Gladly, Goin accepted to join them and theu became good friends who stayed true and close to eat other.

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“Appreciating this person who came in to my life when I least expected it. One day, I called this woman @chemutaigoin and said, “hi there, my name is Jacque, just wanted to say you’ll be called and join the campaign team tomorrow…” she didn’t believe me

“Then she joined us. We worked together and became best of friends. Now we hang everyday. Miss thang I penda you over and beyond,” wrote Maribe.

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