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Teen sets new Guinness record for having widest mouth

A teenage boy named Isaac Johnson in the United States has made headlines after taking home World Record of the largest mouth gape.

The boy hailing from Minnesota, surprised many after opening his mouth to a GOP of 10.1 cm setting a new record.

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The record was previously held by Phillip Angus who snatched from Isaac in 2019 after opening his mouth wide to 9.52 cm.

Isaac gape can hold a coke, a large apple and a baseball all at once without injuring the boy.

Isaac has instantly become an internet sensation after videos of his performances keep spreading all over.


Previously reported about Ayanna Williams from Texas who held the Guinness World Record title for longest fingernails has finally cut them after nearly 30 years.

The woman did final measurements on her nails over the weekend, before she bidding them goodbye.

The new measurements were 24 feet and 0.7 inches breaking her another record.

Ayanna won the Guineas world record title for the longest fingernails in 2017 when they measured 19 feets long and 10.9 inches. The nails manicure took four bottles of nail polish.

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I’ve been growing my nails for a few decades now. I’m so, so ready for a new life. I know I’m going to miss them, but it’s just about that time – it’s time for them to go,” she said. “With or without my nails, I will still be the queen. My nails do not make me, I make my nails,” she added.

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