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Teacher Told She Couldn’t Have Kids Gives Birth Hours After Discovering She’s Pregnant

An American couple has welcomed their first child after over 10 years of waiting. 

Interestingly, in a story that could easily feature in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Nicci Garlic and Kelsie welcomed their bundle of joy just hours after Nicci discovered that she was pregnant.  

The arrival of their son whom they named Charlie came as a surprise because they had faced pregnancy difficulties since getting married in 2014. 

By the time they realized that Nicci was pregnant, the couple had assumed that the day would never come.  

According to the couple, Nicci Garlic and Kelsie, the arrival of their son whom they named, Charlie came as a surprise because they have faced pregnancy difficulties since getting married in 2014 PHOTO/COURTESY

While nine months pregnant, although she did not know, Nicci who is a teacher was going about her day-to-day activities when she started complaining of stomach pains. 

She left school and headed to a local health facility where she was told that she was pregnant. 

However, doctors discovered she was experiencing preeclampsia and her blood pressure was high. 

Though they initially planned for a vaginal birth, doctors were going to have to perform a C-section because they were afraid Nicci might have a stroke and the baby could die.  

After a successful operation, both Nicci and their newborn son, Charlie Keith Garlic, were healthy.  

After marrying, the couple visited specialists and attempted in vitro fertilization treatments to help them in their pregnancy hopes. 

However, after a three-year journey and no change in their luck, Kelsie and Nicci decided to become foster parents. 

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