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Survival tips for first timers in Nairobi

In Nairobi, once you are a new comer you have to be extra keen not fall in the hands of cons, thieves among others.

If your are planning to relocate to Nairobi, then you have to consider the following in order survive in the city.

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Stay alert

When your in the city, be alert! Avoid few individuals who loiter around his stops pretending to help you carry your luggage. This are obviously thieves who will mysteriously disappear with your luggage in a blink of an eye. You should be keen on who befriends you because rumours have it they have seducing talks that mind end up making you give them all your cash.

Avoid the three card trick game

This is popularly known as ‘pata potea’ in Nairobi and has a tendency of attracting a large crowd when played. The game has topped among the list of top scam methods in Nairobi. To avoid being scammed through this trick, just stay away from the game. There are never winners because those winning are business partners with the one in charge.

Avoid Instant Diplomas

You might have, already, come across fake institutions advertising diploma course in fountain engineering or Bachelors of Arts in medical history. Right? Just keep off from them.

Demos are exclusive

Just avoid joining demonstrations aimlessly whenever you meet one. This might get into hot soup. You might end up being clobbered senseless by anti-riot police leaving you nursing severe injuries. Remember, those demonstrating are hire! While you’re are still look for a job.

Know how to solve issues

While in Nairobi try not to always involve police officers in all your differences with community members, you might get one of the gang leaders who’ll end up making you life terrible. Just be simple and avoid being that much talkative.

Know when and where to hang your clothes

If you live in one of the slams, for instance Mathare, make sure when you wash your clothes watch over them untill they get dry. This is because when you leave them on the hanging line they might get stolen.

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Be careful with house helps

Do not think you might end up wooing this Nairobian house helps and walk away easy. They might put you a trap, a lifetime trap you never wanted. You might sire kids with her and end up living in a miserable marriage.

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