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Some common hilarious graffiti in Kenyan public toilets

Our Fun article contributor today is Stephen Omondi, a trainee engineer working in Mombasa. He delves into the hilarious graffiti in public toilets.

Boys will be boys. Yet nothing illustrates this better than gents toilets in colleges and even workplaces.

I still refer to the walls of campus toilets in my former college as the “talking walls” because of the wacky content they carried.

The said walls reeked with literature that was quite hilarious.

There was the “barter trade” corner where exchange of ideas was well captured. The first comrade had written: the future is in your hands, use it well.

Just below it, the second responded, albeit bluntly, the ‘shaft’ is also in your hands.

Above the urinal in one of the hostel blocks, a hilarious pun warned; snake park no erection! 

I guess, a certain Master’s student must have added the old joke: shake well after use.

Toilet graffiti
Funny toilet graffiti

Also there was an area dedicated to names such as ‘gear stick’ ‘mbao’ just to mention but a few synonyms.

It goes without saying that this did not portray a rosy picture of future scholars. However, it seems writing on washroom walls is an innate domain of boys.

In my former primary school, a misbehaving deputy head had his name written on a latrine wall with by-products of digestion for ink.

What’s more, below the name lay an embarrassing description of the man’s dubious escapades.

I also recall the ‘philosophical’ smokers during my high school days.

One could tell that the writings had been written by boys under the influence of stuff stronger than tobacco.

‘A friend in weed is a friend indeed’. One of them screamed.

‘Don’t step on the weed. Smoke it’

Yet one day the school principal dropped a bombshell during one of the many routine inspections.

Another funny writing on a toilet wall

We were in an inspection tour , when by a sheer happenstance ended up in one of such toilets which bore the writings: “If what you’re doing is right, why are you hiding?”

The principal read, smiled and quipped:

Mmemaliza kuandika kwa vitabu ndio muanze kuandika kwa kuta za choo. Hata sisi tulifanya lakini haikutusaidia (Have you finished writing on books so you can started writing on washroom walls. it’s not important).

I suppose ‘we’ included the other male teachers in the inspection team.

This statement, coming from a senior principal was a sure confirmation that writing on toilet walls was an old trade.

Only recently yours truly visited a famous physician within Mombasa town; I’m still reeling from the shock of the writings I found on the walls of washroom of the building that houses some of the county’s top professionals.

But the public toilets, like the one near the Agha Khan Walk in CBD carry the day. These ones have even phone numbers …maybe posted by a jilted lovers.

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