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Smartly dressed thieves steal from liquor store using nicely decorated wedding car

Drama ensued at a local liquor store in Moshi, Tanzania after thieves stole from the shop using a nicely decorated wedding car.

According to reports, the smartly dressed thieves walked into the shop pretending to scout for drinks to be used in wedding.

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The thieves who pretended to be members of the wedding committee, donned nice suits adorned with flowers.

They also arrived in a vehicle draped in wedding paraphernalia making it seem real that that are members of the wedding committee.

“They came with a car like Carina (Toyota) decorated with flowers like the ones carrying the brides and parked it nearby and asked the guards to help them keep an eye on it,” said a witness.

It also emerged that the thieves gave the guards drinks laced with drugs making them lose their consciousness makimg it east for them to access the premises.

“They had the flowers of the committee members and the eagle jacket and in the car, there were boxes as gifts. They kept going to the church grounds and returning and they offered the drink to the guards, ”it was reported.

After confirming that the guards were unconscious, the thieves accessed the shop after breaking the door of the grill.

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They made away with millions of cash after successfully breaking the safe containing the money.

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